The examples given are in no way exhaustive and are designed to showcase the breadth of activities undertaken and the extent of remit.  We provide examples of how individual groups are utilised, and some of their outcomes and impacts, including:

  • Utilising external members for curriculum input, career mentoring, internships, career related sessions/workshops, and similar.
  • Curriculum/taught material change as a result of Board discussion and comment.
  • Linking Boards and Board members with School Employability Agendas.
  • Linking School employer engagement activities with Board remit.
  • Development of Student skills and graduate attributes as a direct result of Board activities.

Thank you to all of the Board convenors and other staff who have taken the time to contribute their case studies and to review the final material.

Please do consider submitting further examples of best practise and significant impacts as a result of your Board activities.