Careers Ambassadors

Careers Ambassadors

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The Careers Ambassador programme provides students on both the Aberdeen and Qatar campuses with the opportunity to develop employability skills sought by employers whilst increasing awareness of the Careers and Employability Service across the student body. 

Why take part?

Volunteering for approximately 1-1.5 hours per week, the scheme will allow students to develop key skills such as effective communication, business awareness, marketing, networking and public speaking. 

Successful completion of the role will be recognised on your Enhanced Transcript, which you can share with employers or postgraduate recruiters when you finish your studies. In addition, students can apply for a STAR Award for the role.

Taking part in the Careers Ambassador programme will allow you to:

  • Develop key skills sought by employers such as communication, teamwork, public speaking, independent working, networking and flexibility.
  • Connect with employers through participation at careers events, attendance at monthly training workshops and conducting case studies and interviews.
  • Receive training in marketing methods, public speaking, writing for the web, conducting interviews and using social media.
  • Contribute to general student awareness of the Careers and Employability Service while providing feedback on student concerns and requirements regarding employability.

Person specification

Careers Ambassadors should have:

  • A keen interest in marketing or event management.
  • A willingness to develop key skills in communication, teamwork, public speaking, networking and engaging with employers and careers staff.
  • An enthusiasm for increasing student awareness of the Careers and Employability Service.
  • An interest in using social media and other marketing methods to promote our services.

What's involved?

To achieve recognition as a Careers Ambassador on your Enhanced Transcript, you need to:

  • Attend an introductory workshop for the programme (online or face to face as regulations allow).
  • Submit a short interim report summarising your first semester activities in the role.
  • Submit a report / case study summarising your role.

Careers Ambassadors will also be expected to undertake a range of activities to promote the Careers and Employability Service including:

  • Attend monthly meetings training and update meetings.
  • Act as ambassadors at Careers events throughout the academic session.
  • Blog about events or activities (training will be provided).
  • Conduct information gathering amongst student colleagues about their knowledge of the Careers and Employability Service.
  • Use social media to promote the Careers and Employability Service.

In 2021-22, in addition to general marketing of the Service, all ambassadors will be invited to join one of three specialist groups to work on different aspects of the programme:

  • Creating content (Social media, posters etc)
  • Conducting market research among the student body (focus groups, surveys etc)
  • Building contacts with academics, student organisations and employers

How to apply

Applications for 2021-22 are now closed.

Further Information

For further information about the Careers Service Ambassadors role, please email (Aberdeen based students) or (Qatar based students)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid position?

No.  Ambassadors volunteer 4-5 hours per month and in return receive extensive training on marketing, conducting focus groups, using LinkedIn to network and public speaking, which allows them to develop the skills frequently sought by employers.

Is the role certificated?

Yes. Successful completion of the role will result in its inclusion on the student’s Enhanced Transcript which can then be shown to employers.

Does this role enable a student to take part in the STAR Award?

Yes. Ambassadors can apply to the STAR Award using their ambassador role.

Will the work be online or face to face in 2021-22?

The expectation is that although we may have to begin online, we will move as quickly as possible to face to face meetings, training and advertising, dependent on University guidelines re. social distancing etc.

Is previous experience of marketing required?

No. This is an ideal role for a student who wishes to develop experience in marketing, advertising, event creation or market research. Full training will be provided and activities will be largely undertaken in teams.

Will I work with students from other courses and schools?

Yes. Ambassadors are drawn from every school in the university so there are frequent opportunities for working alongside students from other academic disciplines.

What are the new project streams?

For 2021-22, we have introduced an opportunity for all ambassadors to join a project stream. Alongside general training and activities, it will give individual students an opportunity to receive specialised training and work with a smaller group of students on one of three specific projects – market research, social media content creation or network building for the service. Each project group will be supervised by a member of staff and the projects will run October 2021-March 2022.

Is experience and confidence in public speaking required?

No. We will provide training on this and, where some activities may be done as an individual (e.g. a lecture shout-out), most public activities such as manning a pop up stand or conducting a focus group will always be done as part of a team. Previous ambassadors have remarked how much their confidence has grown over the year, as the scheme presents a great opportunity for you to develop key skills in a relaxed and fun environment. 

What does the 1-1.5 hours a week consist of?

There will be at least one training meeting a month and an additional project group meeting. In addition to these, the rest of the hours will be spent publicising the Careers and Employability Service in various ways and working on the project for which you have volunteered.

My timetable can change. What if I can’t make a training meeting?

As far as possible, we need students to attend the training meetings but if that is not possible, we try to record the training. Much of the benefit of the meetings comes from meeting with the other ambassadors regularly and it’s where ambassadors report their progress and plan activities for the following month. Please attend as many training sessions as you can.

What happens during exam periods?

Ambassadors don’t volunteer during exam months so there are no activities in December of after March.

Who do we report to?

The Careers Ambassador scheme is co-ordinated by Janice Montgomery ( and Julia Leng ( on the Aberdeen campus and Ghina Elkasti ( on the Qatar campus. You will meet them all throughout your time as an ambassador and you are welcome to get in touch at any time.