Aberdeen Employability Boost Award

Aberdeen Employability Boost Award

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What is it?

The Aberdeen Employability Boost Award is a programme of live workshops, mini career courses, employer-led sessions and a series of self-assessment exercises. By participating you will:

  • learn key skills and attributes sought by employers
  • understand how to stand out in job applications
  • maximise your employability
  • gain an Award to evidence your development on your CV and LinkedIn profile

Participating in the Aberdeen Employability Boost Award will set you on the path to career success. From learning about virtual recruitment practices and career planning to sessions on resilience and the importance of commercial awareness, the Aberdeen Employability Boost Award will inspire confidence and recognise your commitment to professional development. 

  • Bronze: Complete 3 levels
  • Silver: Complete Bronze + 3 further levels
  • Gold: Complete Bronze + Silver + 3 further levels

How to participate

To participate in the programme, login to CareerConnect and navigate to Pathways (from the CareerConnect dashboard click on the blue circle labelled "Pathways". We have created a short video on how to access Pathways to help you).

The Award recognises student and graduate participation in a range of employability boosting activities throughout the academic year - with live events usually during October/November, February and May. 

Who can take part?

This Award programme is available to all University of Aberdeen students and graduates.

How do I earn this Award?

Complete one of the following activities to complete each level. You need to complete 3 levels per Award:

  • Complete two mini career courses (23 available topics) or two self awareness assessments (7 available) or one of each.
  • Attend a live career eBite online workshop*.
  • Attend a live Connect, Inspire, Succeed online event (no further events are planned).

*there are no more planned live events, however, if you attend any events as part of the Grad Transitions programme, these will count towards the Boost Award.

Access the resources

Click/ tap the button below to find links to Tiny Bite videos, Mini Career Courses and self-assessment exercises for the Employability Boost programme. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Why can't I see the Silver or Gold Pathways?

Once you have completed the Bronze Boost Award, you will automatically be added to the Silver Boost Pathway and, once you have completed this, you will then automatically be added to the Gold Boost Pathway. You won't see these Pathways until you have completed your current level of Pathway.

In what time zone are event times displayed on CareerConnect?

For Qatar students, appointment and event times are in Qatar time (unless stated otherwise). For all other students, appointment and event times are in UK time (unless stated otherwise).

Can graduates participate in the Employability Boost programme?

Yes, graduates are welcome to participate. You will need to have registered for Graduate access to CareerConnect. Register now

Is there a deadline for completing each of the Pathways?

Yes and no. You can continue to complete some activities after the final day of the Aberdeen Employability Boost Award programme but events which count towards your Boost Award run only during the specified dates of the programme.

How do I find Pathways on CareerConnect?

From the CareerConnect dashboard click on the blue circle labelled "Pathways". We have created a short video on how to access Pathways to help you.

Will the Award be included on my Enhanced Transcript?

No, but for each Pathway you complete you will also receive a digital certificate which can be added to your LinkedIn Profile.

I have unlocked a level but I cannot access the activities as they are greyed out.

Please ensure you have clicked 'Submit' on the introduction on the first level.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Most of the live sessions will not be recorded but several of them are repeated during the month. If you cannot attend a session we have other resources (eg Mini Career Courses), which cover the same topics, for which you can gain recognition for completing. For those sessions that will be run by external speakers, we will be recording them but the recording will not be made available until later in the term.

I have attended an event but it has not unlocked the next level, do I need to do anything?

Event attendance is verified and updated by us so you do not need to do anything on the Pathway. However, we will not update attendance until after 3pm on the next business day.

I have a question which is not covered by the FAQs. Who can I contact?

Please email careers@abdn.ac.uk.

Information and Feedback from the Aberdeen Employability Boost Award: Oct 2020 to June 2021

Information and Feedback from the May 2020 Aberdeen Employability Boost Award

Our programme was chosen as a case study for a Universities UK campaign to highlight the support available to graduates in a post-Covid economy.

Thank you to the students and graduates who shared their experience of the Aberdeen Employability Boost Award which can be viewed below.