Research in Life Sciences

Prospects Profile: Research Scientist (Life Science)

Detailed information on a specific job role from the Prospects website. Information is available on the activities of the role, salary, conditions, entry requirements, training, career development, typical employers/vacancy sources, case studies, contacts and resources.

Biochemical Society

The Biochemical Society promotes the advancement of the molecular biosciences. Includes information on 'Careers' and 'Grants'.

British Ecology Society

'Rooting for a career in ecology/environmental management' - booklet on website. Search in 'Careers' in the 'Educational resources' section.

Society for General Microbiology

The Society for General Microbiology (SGM) is the largest microbiological society in Europe. Information on careers & jobs.

Sea Mammal Research Unit

The Sea Mammal Research Unit is one of the foremost research institutions carrying out research on marine mammals in the World. Their website contains information on careers in Marine Mammal Science and appropriate training.

Society of Biology

The Society of Biology has been created by the unification of the Biosciences Federation and the Institute of Biology. Information on careers and jobs.

British Mycological Society

British Mycological Society (BMS) promotes mycology in all its aspects. Information on jobs and grants.

Society for Experimental Biology

The Society for Experimental Biology aims to promote Experimental Biology within the scientific community. Information on jobs and careers.

Life Sciences Scotland Directory

The Life Sciences Scotland Source Book is the essential reference guide to Scottish life sciences companies and academic institutes. The database contains details of organisations involved in research, products & technology development, and services & support.