Funding your further studies and research

Funding your further studies and research

How much will it cost?

Fees vary widely from a one year taught MSc to a PhD. In addition, remember to factor in accommodation, food, utility and other household bills, books and computer equipment, (child care if required) and travel.

If you choose to continue your studies at this university there is a 20% discount for alumni.

Sources of funding

The main sources used to fund further study are:

There is a good summary of funding options on the Prospects website. Links to more resources on funding further study in the UK can be found here.

International study

Fees will depend on your chosen country and course or research programme. Outside the EU British graduates will be considered international students and this can mean considerably higher fees. Living costs may be higher or lower than in the UK depending on the country. If you are a research student you may be able to pick up some teaching at your university but do not depend on this. Always check if your visa allows you to work while studying.

Investigate funding very carefully and bear in mind that many awards and scholarships have closing dates more than a year in advance of potential start dates. Check your eligibility carefully as some charities and trusts may not fund international study.