Generating Career Ideas Based on Your Degree Subject

Your degree can be a great starting point for generating career ideas and exploring related career options.  There are job types where your degree subject could be an advantage, linked mostly with the types of skills you have developed and/or the subject knowledge you have gained.    

Whilst some job types will require a specific degree (such as Medicine, Law in Scotland or Engineering), it is important to remember that many career areas do not specify a particular subject requirement.  As an example, some graduate trainee roles in professions such as accountancy and finance, marketing or HR encourage applicants from any degree subject.

How to Identify Options with Your Degree Subject

Select your subject of study (or the closest subject if yours is not listed) on the right hand side of this page.  This will take you to a list of resources to generate ideas about the job types particularly suited to the skills and experience gained within your degree subject.  You can also find out about the jobs and courses that previous graduates of your subject have chosen since leaving university.

What If You Do Not Meet the Degree Requirements in Your Chosen Area?

Entry requirements will vary widely in terms of subject and level of study - ranging from accepting HNC/HND level, to requiring postgraduate level qualifications.  Many career areas will have more than one entry route available.  If you do not meet the initial subject based requirements, you can find further information about specific job roles listed below.  The Prospects Profile resources are particularly useful for giving advice on alternative entry routes. You may also like to discuss this with the Careers Adviser for your subject.

Thinking about changing your course?

Use the menu on the right to explore possible career options linked to subjects offered at the University of Aberdeen.  The TARGETjobs website also has useful advice on the steps you should take when considering changing or leaving your course. You are welcome to discuss your options with a Careers Adviser, but you should first contact Infohub regarding your study alternatives.

Other approaches to identifying your career options.

In addition to your degree subject, you can also generate career ideas based on your skills, interests and personal factors such as your values, key motivators and personality.