Lesley Hetherington

Linking Enterprise and Curriculum for Excellence through Intergenerational Fairness

Lesley Hetherington, Director of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills, Business School

The session will comprise of briefing of Intergenerational fairness and interactive session testing the robustness of Intergenerational Fairness as context for delivering enterprise and entrepreneurship into the classroom, in a way that delivers both subject specific learning and curriculum for excellence capacities.

Intergenerational Fairness is a European Initiative, championed by What-IF and linked to Junior Achievement (in the UK Young Enterprise) which uses the twin strands of justice and compassion to shape new solutions to current problems in a way that links with issues of social fairness, economic sustainability, health and wellbeing and environmental sustainability.


Lesley HetheringtonCurrently Director of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills (Senior Teaching Fellow), Scottish Programme for Entrepreneurship at the University of Aberdeen, Lesley is responsible for developing a sustainable enterprise and entrepreneurship education for Scottish educators. Lesley has 18 years experience in business education, 23 years experience as an executive business coach and 9 years independent consultancy practice. Skilled at identifying and developing synergy and bringing projects together, both internally and externally across industry & education, working intrapreneurially. As an engineer her major territory was Egypt.