Students and Alumni at the Business School


Student (graduating 2016)

Tobias Bullas
‘University of Aberdeen is making me more marketable – this is something I can put on my CV to say I can already work on a Thomson-Reuters terminal, I am already used to working with all these tools and data.’


MA (Hons) Accounting and Finance student

Michaela McCombie MA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Michaela McCombie
“When I arrived there on my first day I was amazed to be told that I was going out to work with a client the following day,” Michaela said.  “A lot of people are told by peers that their work placement will consist of making cups of tea and doing photocopying the whole summer, but in my case it was just the opposite, which was brilliant.

“While I was working there I was in contact with big clients and there was a lot of variety in terms of the types of businesses I was dealing with.  From that perspective it was a really valuable experience that helped me to develop my professional skills.” Read the article


Meredith Greta - United States of AmericaMA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Student University of Aberdeen Business School

"My favourite part of studying for this degree has been learning in an environment where we all come from such a diverse range of backgrounds.  You meet people that have been accountants for years, people that have been in the banking

industry, people that have worked for years on totally different career paths, and people fresh out of school—and we can all learn so much from each other." 

MA (Hons) Accounting (Final Year)

Dan Hai MA Hons AccountingDan Hai
“I visited all of the universities that I applied to in the UK and Aberdeen stood out above all the rest.  I was impressed by the library and the sports facilities, but what impressed me most was the friendliness of the people here.  I arrived here without an appointment but I was given a great introduction by the people here, who gave me a guided tour of the campus and told me all about the University’s history.”  Read the article

MA in Management Studies 

Sarah Smith MA in Management Studies

Sarah Smith 1999
“When I came to the University I initially studied Countryside and Environmental Management, however I soon discovered that I enjoyed the management element the most, and that is why I transferred to Management Studies.


During the course I found that presenting and public speaking felt more natural to me, and I was fortunate that my degree allowed me to nurture that.  The practical element of my course proved vital for me as we didn’t have a placement year, and I worked in an office over the holidays to gain work experience and apply the practical skills I had learned during term time.”  Read the article


MSc (Econ) Accounting and Finance

Justin Chircop

Justin Chircop MSc (Econ) Accounting and Finance‘There were several reasons that brought me to the University of Aberdeen.  These included the academic excellence that the University of Aberdeen is renowned for, as well as the pleasant natural setting that surrounds the University; which provided me with the ideal environment to relax after a day’s work at the University. The MSc (Econ) Accounting and Finance was very intensive and furnished me with the knowledge I was seeking.

Even though the course was rigorous, it allowed me to participate in a number of business related competitions, amongst which are the 'Global Management Challenge' and the 'Ifs Uni-Investor Challenge', in which I was placed first.

After completing the MSc, I went back to Malta, where I continued to work in the Corporate Finance department of a Big 4 audit firms. Shortly afterwards, I was appointed to Assistant Lecturer within the Department of Accountancy at the University of Malta where I lecture in Accountancy and Finance.’

Judith Teiko - Ghana

" I got a fantastic first impression of Aberdeen. I applied to several other Universities in the UK but it was Aberdeen that replied to me just two days after my online application, and with the offer of a graduate business school scholarship too. I was so

glad to receive such a quick response from the University that it really helped me make up my mind – if this University can be so responsive, so quickly, then that’s got to be a good thing going forward for the level of support I am likely to receive.MBA Student Profile University of Aberdeen

And, I wasn’t wrong! Throughout the admissions process, the International Officers assisted me hugely. And then, right from arriving at the airport, I met colleagues who made me feel really at home. And twelve months on, I have never once regretted choosing University of Aberdeen. I read a lot about the University and I was pleased to see everything I read about has not disappointed and has lived up to my expectations - the Sir Duncan Rice Library, IT facilities, the student support system and availability of lecturers, and administrators, in the business school always there to assist students. It’s all just amazing.  I am now more enlightened, creative and talented. Some of the block courses are so practical and all very much involve practice which can be easily applied to real life activity. The opportunities for human capital development I must say are enormous. For instance, I have involved myself in Aberdeen University Students Union (AUSA) activities. I have been an election assistant during the March, 2016 Sabbatical elections. Currently, I am a student ambassador - a beacon of hope to others who want to come here.  Standing before the mirror showed me by the University of Aberdeen, I see a Judith Teiko empowered to empower the world."


Javier Eduardo Garcia
‘Study and MBA at the University of Aberdeen has been both a significant challenge and a remarkable learning experience. After being away from education for more than 7 years (working in my home country Venezuela), what a magnificent finding it is to rediscover how studying can change you in positive ways and how the interaction with fellows from a range of cultures increases the size of your world map, both in terms of new and valuable friendships and in terms of cultural understanding.

No only does the University possess high quality teachers and convenient facilities, it also becomes the door at which you are invited to open in order to explore and find knowledge – to become crucial and create.

The City of Aberdeen, on the other hand delivers what it promises and even more. A beautiful coastal city which has it all: entertainment, art, proximity to amazing landscapes and towns and of course those incredible views of the beach.

After the completion of the MBA programme I would like to keep working some more years in the service industry, leading a challenging business unit. Later on I would like to set up my own business: after all I feel more confident in my knowledge in skills and I am positive they will be key to success in the business environment.’

MBA Energy Management

MBA Energy Management Profile B Alnasser

Babak Alnasser
"Just over a year into this MBA programme, I was promoted to a significant managerial position at Xodus Group, which allowed me to put into practice the various management

tools and techniques covered in this programme. Had I not undertaken this MBA programme I truly feel that I would have found the transition into a management role far more challenging and daunting."

Colin McIntyreC McIntyre MBA Energy Management Student Profile

"I undertook the MBA Energy Management to increase my employability profile but what I actually got out of it was a whole lot more, this included. From the course and knowledge it’s given me the confidence to start my own business."

MSc Real Estate and Finance

Kristoff Kunst - BerlinKristoff Kunst Msc Real Estate and Finance Student University of Aberdeen Business School - MSc Finance and Real Estate

"Half way through my Masters, I actually landed three job offers from the Big 4 accounting firms – EY, KPMG and PwC. Finally, being spoilt for choice, I look forward to starting with EY in their Berlin office after I graduate. Without question, this Masters helped give me a competitive edge to kick-start such success in the jobs market."

Jessica Skinner - MSc Real EstateJ. Skinner MSc Real Estate University of Aberdeen Business School

"The postgraduate degree I studied only allows for a small number of students to study the course per year which I thought was a positive aspect over the other Universities as it would allow each student to receive the help they may need in order to complete the course rather than being one of a hundred."



Emma MacfadyenMSc Real Estate Student Profile University of Aberdeen Business School - MSc Real Estate

"The RICS accredited course offered by the University provided me with the qualification I required to enter into the field of work I was interested in - chartered surveying. The small class size enabled and encouraged student participation and considerable interaction with the teaching staff, which has assisted in creating a friendly environment to learn in."


Robert Plessing
After my BSc in International Business, I wanted to gain more international experience by studying in the UK.

Aberdeen has been recommended by various friends who did their exchange semester there. Furthermore, the reasonable tuition fees as compared to other UK-universities played an important role as well. The study programme was very well structured with relevant subjects for real estate professionals. After completing my degree at Aberdeen, I wanted to work and live in Belgium due to my personal circumstances. As it turned out, I immediately got a job offer at KBC Bank in Brussels as account manager for tailor-made, professional real estate financing.

The bank’s minimum requirement for my job was 2 years professional experience but due to the real estate focus of my degree, I got the job as a graduate.’

MSc Management Consultancy

Cindy Permana - IndonesiaMSc Management Consultancy Student Profile Indonesia University of Aberdeen

"My favourite part of this programme is that it offers so much opportunity to implement my knowledge in real-life case practice. I got direct access to meet with so many industry players and work on real cases and interact with real-clients. I had great opportunities to make connections with the decision makers in various industry sectors in Aberdeen, such as some leading oil and gas, constructions, farming, and transportation companies. It has been the ultimate international experience and the Aberdonians are so friendly. In this 1-year-period, I built new friendships and it’s like a family. I feel Aberdeen is like home to me."


Charlene Feeney Seale
Charlene Feeney Seale‘I thoroughly enjoyed the Organisational Change course in my third year, and it was this which really inspired me to become a management consultant. I am now working with Price/WaterhouseCooper, have frequently used the material covered in the programme in my working life and would strongly recommend the MSc as an excellent foundation for a career in management consultancy.’

Leo Gaoyang (China)
It is so nice of you to generously share your insights and experiences on Organisational Behaviour with us.  We continually benefit from your wisdom and appreciate your excellent lectures and hard work.  We have learned a lot from you and enjoyed this time with you.’

MSc Petroleum Energy Economics and Finance

Dr Harminder from Ding Zhang

Ding Zhan  (China)

MA Economics with Mathematics
(2+2 with University of Aberdeen/University of Wuhan)

Why did you choose Aberdeen? Why the University of Aberdeen?

'Aberdeen is the “Oil Capital of Europe”, which means that this city attracts most of the best oil and gas professionals in Europe; the University of Aberdeen is the third eldest university in Scotland, and I love studying in an ancient university that is rich of history.'

What three words would you use to describe the University of Aberdeen?   'Multicultural, exciting, unique.'

How are you finding living in Scotland?  'Amazing. Scottish people here are friendly and welcoming. And there are lots of places of interest to visit during the holidays.'

What is the best thing about Aberdeen?  'The slogan “Come here, go anywhere”.'

What is your plan after graduation?  'Currently I am working as a Business Consultant for a software and consulting company based in Aberdeen. I prefer to continue my career with further development of my expertise in the oil and gas industry, which is a perfect continuation of my MSc studies.'

MSc Applied Economics

Stephen Dunlop 2015
"Three months after I completed the MSc in Applied Economics in 2015 I was offered a position with the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS). WICS is a non-departmental public body that regulates the natural monopoly supplier of water (Scottish Water) in the Scottish water and sewage industry. Its main roles are to: regulate Scottish Water’s charges for household customers and wholesale charges for suppliers; monitor Scottish Water financial performance; and facilitate the function of the retail market for non-household consumers.

The majority of my work involves collecting defined information (on financial performance, expenditure, assets, investment and operations) in order to carry out economic and financial analysis. An example would be benchmarking Scottish Water’s financial performance against the privatised companies in England and Wales using unit cost and econometric approaches. Based on our analysis, we set price limits that deliver the Government’s objectives for the water industry.

My work is very satisfying as I get to apply the analytical and quantitative skills that I learnt during my degree towards real-life public policy developments and decisions in an industry that has experienced significant improvements in efficiency as a result of the regulatory framework in place – average annual household bills are £110 lower than they would have otherwise been. Although the work is challenging, it has provided me with great development in my analytical skillset, since much of the work involved in my role is innovative in the field of economic regulation.

The MSc provided me with a strong analytical background and deepened my knowledge in econometric modelling and relevant economic theory, both of which have been extremely useful to me in being able to effectively carry out my current analytical work and decision making. The MSc lecturers were exceedingly helpful to me and were always obliging to my academic requests. The guest lecturers were a very beneficial addition to the programme and offered valuable insights into the application of economic theory to various real life economic issues faced by industry and public sector organisations. Along with the first-class education the MSc gave me, my time at the University of Aberdeen offered me the space to grow as an individual, to try new things, and to meet new and interesting people – including the professors!"

MSc Finance and Investment Management

Pamela Bassey-DukeMSc Econ Finance and Investment Management Student Profile University of Aberdeen Business School

"A top notch business school with a high degree of possibility for employment within a maximum of 6 months was the key reason for my interest in UoA. The inclusion of CFA level 1 curriculum into the course syllabus with an opportunity to take the exams after extensive tutoring was definitely a plus for me. The ability to learn a new culture and meet other people from diverse cultural backgrounds, the amazing granite city with gorgeous ancestral buildings such as the Kings college chapel and the Marischal college was an adventure worth embarking on"


Cherry Aguh

Cherry Aguh BSc Business Administration

‘After completing a BSc in Business Administration, I chose to study MSc Finance and Investment Management at the University of Aberdeen, given its academic record. I wanted to develop my career path in the investment banking industry and on completion of my Masters I re-joined the treasury department of the Sabel Sahara Bank.  Whilst there I was promoted to Head of the Investment Department. I currently hold the position of General Manager at ASN Investments Ltd. My MSc at the University of Aberdeen has definitely helped me to work towards my career goals.’

MSc International Business Management    

Carina Hoddo -  Norway
MSc International Business Management Carina Hoddo

"The way you get to focus 100% on each course for IBM because of the block study set-up is amazing, and it lets you really dive into what you are working on. I especially liked the way you are challenged in each and every course, and I have grown immensely both academically and as a person, becoming stronger in both areas. The professors are really devoted and passionate in what they are doing, and I have really appreciated the level of dedication. The courses themselves are constantly updated, kept relevant by internal and external expertise brought in from across disciplines both in and outside Aberdeen. I have not regretted my choice once – and only continue to love the experiences offered to me  here at the University of Aberdeen."

MSc Marketing Management  

Margaret Brinkley - Maryland - United States of America   M Brinkley United States of America MSc Marketing Management

"The University of Aberdeen’s marketing management programme combined marketing strategy with other business courses I felt would be most beneficial to my future career. I was also intrigued by the mix of classes with “industry weeks” where students work closely with local organisations, and the potential to work with one of these organisations for my final research project."