Why Choose to Study a Business Masters at the University of Aberdeen Business School?

Welcome to the University of Aberdeen Business School- a place of global standing, where you’ll receive all the knowledge and skills to guide you towards a BRILLIANT CAREER. At our Business School, we’re not here to sell ourselves. We’re here to sell you. It’s a beautiful and ancient University dating back to 1495, but that’s not the main reason you should come here...

...You should come here because we are the University that’s focused on your and your future.

Highly Ranked & Quality Focused

We’re proud to be excellent. Committed to providing an education that challenges and inspires, we enjoy a PRESTIGIOUS ACADEMIC PEDIGREE. We may be new to you, but established in 1495, are part of an elite club of the 6 ancient British Universities, which includes Oxford and Cambridge.

Our students enjoy the best of both old and new together, as ancient meets modern for an experience that is second to none.

And with excellent graduate employability you can be confident that you will go on to fulfill your ambitions, wherever your career takes you.

Our Postgraduate Business Programmes are Industry Supported Global Business

  • Our MSc Petroleum Energy Economics and Finance dissertations are in association with companies such as BP and Total with mentors from Wood Mackenzie and Conoco Phillips.
  • Our MSc Marketing Management provides industry weeks and live learning projects
  • The Advisory Board for our MSc Applied Economics comes from industry, government and research centres such as the Scottish Government, World Bank, UN and WHO
  • Every MBA Energy Management student is matched with a senior industry professional. You learn from leaders and you benefit from real insight. You gain rare insight into Aberdeen’s energy businesses and you can expand your business network. Find out what our MBA students think about our programme.
  • Our MBA Energy Management gives you mentoring from senior executives working in business and the energy industry

  Why Choose a Business Postgraduate Degree?

  • Postgraduates have higher starting salaries and earn 15-23% more in their careers. (The Sutton Trust -2010).
    Whether you want a business  qualification to augment your degree or you want to enhance your current business qualifications University of Aberdeen offers you some of the best programmes in Scotland.
  • 58% of undergraduates want to improve employment with postgraduate study. University of Aberdeen offers you business programmes aligned to current and future needs of industries. We offer full time and part time campus study and distance learning with some of our programmes. 
  • A postgraduate qualification provides stronger generic, more analytical and problem solving skills than UG (Futuretrack), making you more employable to a wider range of industries.
  • Did you know that higher level skills, research and knowledge exchange are vital to progressing the future labour market needs of Scotland and in turn the rest of the world (New Horizons Report).

Flexible Learning for Your Lifestyle   Flexible Learning for Your Lifestyle at University of Aberdeen Business School

Manjula Erandathi Shaw took her first degree in Houston - a Bachelors in Business, majoring in Finance.
"My academic Supervisors have been extremely accommodating with regard to my work-life balance, taking into account that I have responsibility for my young family, and I give my sincere thanks to them"