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"Only by capturing nuanced interactions between the microeconomic and macroeconomic adjustments that result from globalisation shall we be able to gain a better understanding of the role of welfare state policies in countering the labour market and income inequality effects of globalisation." - Prof. C. Montagna.

The GlobaLabWS project is a three year project funded within the Welfare State Futures Programme of NORFACE

The project focuses on the interaction between the welfare state, globalisation and labour market institutions in determining a country’s aggregate performance, and is part of the Globalisation, Welfare States and Inequalities cluster of the Welfare State Futures programme: 

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The programme is funded by the 15 NORFACE partners and the European commission. The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life, and Welfare (Forte) has made an additional contribution to the programme. M€19 of funding is allocated to fifteen projects that have started from late 2014 to early 2015

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