LATWORK is a forward-looking cooperation project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission with support from various university partners including the University of Aberdeen.

Following a period of economic growth and falling unemployment between 2005 and 2015, academic and political interest in labour issues in LA has shifted to working conditions, in particular, the high degree of informality that characterizes the region’s labour market.

All partners expressed the need for the LATWORK project. The consortium members belong to regional & international networks where together with other decision making institutions, discuss on the needs and difficulties regarding research on informal jobs an economy.

LATWORK will provide LA HEIs with New Research Centres, improve their research capacities, methodologies and tools to improve research results and enhance regional cooperation in this field.

The University of Aberdeen Business School is the home to Scotland's first experimental economics laboratory, The Scottish Experimental Economics Laboratory (SEEL). This state-of-the-art experimental lab has been the focus of academic excellence and has been used to enhance the understanding of how markets work and how individuals make decisions.

The facility has enabled research on experimental methods to further the projects understanding of economic decisions.

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