Kirsteen Watt

Kirsteen Watt

Accreditation & Projects Manager


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Following a period of secondment to the Business School in 2014, Kirsteen took up the newly created post of Accreditation and Projects Manager in 2016.  She is responsible for managing and expanding the range of accreditation activity in the School, including international accreditations, and for project managing several strategic initiatives in relation to the School’s internationalisation agenda.  She is involved in various aspects of School planning and manages the external facing administrative teams within the School.

An Aberdeen graduate, Kirsteen started her career in a London University where she held various positions in faculty offices and the university secretariat before returning to Aberdeen to take up a post as Registry Officer where she was Clerk to the Board of Studies in Medicine and, thereafter, Arts and Social Sciences.  She then moved to the Foresterhill Campus to become Assistant Faculty Officer for Medicine and Medical Sciences.  In 2003 she became Deputy College Registrar for the College of Life Sciences and Medicine where she supported aspects of college activity including the key research institutes, management of REF preparations, strategic planning, capital developments such as the planning of three research buildings and coordination of successful applications for funding for research/capital projects.