Business School Management Team

Executive Dean

Professor Bryan MacGregor    

Deputy Dean

Mr Mark Whittington    
Director of Personnel Professor Keith Bender    
Director of People Professor Euan Phimister    
Director of Undergraduate Studies Professor W David McCausland    
Director of Postgraduate Studies Mr Russell Williams    
Director of Postgraduate Research Dr John Skåtun    
Director of Research Professor Natasha Mauthner    
Head of Business Management / Director of Accreditation Dr Ian Robson    
Head of Accountancy, Finance and Real Estate Professor Norman Hutchinson    
Head of Economics Professor W David McCausland    
Director of Internationalisation Dr Harminder Battu    
School Administration Officer Mrs Nichola Duncan    
Executive Education
 Dr Ian Heywood (Director)                       
 Mr Russell Williams (Director)    
Sophie Anderson (Business Engagement Advisor)    
Accountancy Dr Chandana Alawattage    
Finance Dr Chandana Alawattage    
Real Estate Dr Rainer Schulz    
Economics Professor Catia Montagna    
Business and Management Professor Natasha Mauthner    
Business School Office
Secretary for Economics (Teaching Administrator for UG and PGT) Mr Peter Bartlam
Secretary for Accountancy and Finance (Teaching Administrator for UG and PGT, including CFA) Naisa Boehk
PA to Executive Dean Mrs Pamela Cumming
Secretary for Business Management (Teaching Administrator for UG and PGT, including all Block Taught PGT Courses) Julie Davidson
School Administrative Officer Ms Nichola Duncan
Senior Secretary (Teaching Administration for PGT, PGT Examinations and Timetabling, PGT Academic Integrity and Appeals) (Teaching Administrator for UG and PGT Real Estate) Mrs Jaye Carr
Admissions Secretary Ms Jeanette Higginson
PGT Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator (Marketing, Conversion and Social Media) Ms Clare McIntyre
Editorial Assistant for the Scottish Journal of Political Economy and PA to Professor Kemp Mrs Fumiko Nakamaru
School Marketing Officer Ms Gemma Neal
Senior Secretary (Oversees Teaching Administration for UG and PGT, UG Examinations and Timetabling, UG Academic Integrity and Appeals) Fiona Ritchie
School Secretary for PGR Support and Recruitment, Travel, and PA to Head of School Mrs Julia Ritchie
Accreditation and Projects Manager Mrs Kirsteen Watt
Admissions Support
UG Admissions - Student Recruitment and Admissions +44 (0)1224272090  
PGT Admissions - Business School +44 (0)1224 273235  
PhD Admissions - Business School +44 (0)1224 273235  
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