The End of Strategy in Times of Giants

The End of Strategy in Times of Giants

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The University of Aberdeen Business School is delighted to invite you to join an online discussion

Senior business leaders, alumni and guests of the University are invited to join a discussion with Professor Martin Meyer, Dean and Head of School, and Professor Ignacio Canales, Professor in Strategic Management.

Old tools don’t work in the times of giants we live today. While for the last four decades Strategic Management’s core tool has been what’s commonly known as Porter’s 5 forces, which accurately describe industry attractiveness, today it does not seem to work with giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple. These giants overpower their way across industry boundaries leading the markets where they operate. So, any industry analysis for a newcomer will either say “no entry” a giant is already operating in this industry or it will show the giants as potential new entrants. This is more than evident when successful start-ups only wish to sell out to one of these giants. Then how will we identify the opportunities of the future? Which tools will help us identify the strategies for the future? How will the strategies of the future look like? This discussion will attempt to sketch these tools to identify the strategies for the future.

Professor Ignacio Canales

Before joining the Business School Professor Canales held posts as Professor, Reader and Senior Lecturer in Strategy at the Adam Smith Business School in the University of Glasgow and at the University of St Andrews. His research interests in strategy process focuses on asymmetric relationships between managers as they interact to formulate and implement strategy. His research has been published in the Journal of Management Studies, British Journal of Management Long Range Planning, Advances in Strategic Management and Academy of Management Review. At the PhD level he teaches a seminar in qualitative methodology, for undergraduates and MBA students offers a course on Strategic Management. Ignacio Canales served as co-chair of the SMS Special conference held in Glasgow in June 2013. He has been a member of the SMS since 2003 when he received the Best PhD paper award in the SMS held in Baltimore. Ignacio also served as a Rep at large, and then as Associate, Program Chair and Chairperson of the Strategy Process IG completing his term in 2017.

Professor Ignacio Canales
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