Why engage with the University of Aberdeen?

The University of Aberdeen has almost 17,000 students, 93% of which enter directly into work, further study or training within 6 months of graduation, representing our commitment to their employability. We are in the top 10 in the UK for student experience, which is enhanced through input from companies, employers, organisations, charities and individuals.

Regardless of your size, we have an opportunity for you to engage with us, and with over 550 first degrees and 140 postgraduate degrees, we have the breadth of subject areas that will relate to your own sector.

The University of Aberdeen is committed to engaging with external organisations, which forms part of the University Strategic Plan 2015-20, and the Careers Service facilitates a breadth of engagement opportunities that goes towards meeting this commitment.

Our Curriculum Reform, co-curriculum opportunities, and our Aberdeen Graduate Attributes highlight our passion for ensuring that our graduates remain competitive in the job market and have the skills and employability desired by employers.

Curriculum Reform

The opinions of employers, professional bodies, educators and students past and present, along with their parents have been canvassed, to ensure that our teaching provision is not only distinctive and places Aberdeen in the forefront of international developments in education, but also best meets the needs and expectations of our students, future employers and the needs of wider society.

Students at the University of Aberdeen have a more flexible degree structure which retains all the quality and depth of the traditional Scottish degree and adds further benefits:

  • Increased curriculum flexibility, to add further context to core subjects, and to provide opportunities to choose new cross-disciplinary courses focused on real world problems or sustained study in a language or business
  • Increased opportunities to broaden experience and skills through a wide range of optional activities overseen by the University, such as study overseas, work placements and voluntary work
  • Flexibility to meet today's changing needs, including increased support for study breaks and a framework to allow entry and re-entry to programmes depending on qualifications

Aberdeen is the first University in the UK to undergo such a complete review of courses, and its aim is to ensure that our students develop Aberdeen Graduate Attributes.

The Co-Curriculum

We have brought together the various opportunities available to our students to broaden their university experience. Called the Co-Curriculum, its aim is to provide our students with opportunities that will enhance their transferable skills and make them more attractive to you, the employer. Co-curricular activities include (but are not restricted to) the following opportunities: work placements, voluntary activities, enterprise & entrepreneurship, study abroad and the STAR Award initiative.

Aberdeen Graduate Attributes

Any activities undertaken by students will provide them with an opportunity to achieve the Aberdeen Graduate Attributes. The University of Aberdeen's Graduate Attributes are a wide-ranging set of qualities that students will develop during their time here, in preparation for employment, further study and citizenship. There are four main areas of graduate attributes:

  •     Academic Excellence
  •     Critical Thinking & Communication
  •     Learning & Personal Development
  •     Active Citizenship

More information about Graduate Attributes