'Working Together: Employability for Arts and Social Sciences’ is a third year course developed specifically for students in the College of Arts and Social Sciences. Students undertake a consultancy style group project alongside a series of underpinning employability masterclasses. The course intends to expose students to real work environments and the expectations upon them in such an environment, alongside providing them opportunity to practise key career and project management skills, most notably team work, project management, negotiation and presenting.

We welcome all project ideas where:

  • The project will link directly to the work of your organisation. 
  • Students can work on the project in a group (3 students).
  • The project is achievable within a 10 week period, beginning late January.
  • Each member of the student group can be expected to spend approximately 4-5 hours per week working on the project.

Your input to the project

Four points of contact between the organisation proposing a project and the student group have been built into the course timetable as follows:

  • An initial meeting in late January.
  • Two site visits, one in mid-February and one in mid-March where students can visit your premises.
  • A final presentation session where each group will present their findings.

We do not expect you to contribute to the assessment of the students.

What next?

If you would like to learn more about the course or have a project idea please contact the Careers Service at the University of Aberdeen, who will be happy to discuss the course and your project ideas further.