What is the Enhanced Transcript?

The Enhanced Transcript is the University of Aberdeen's precursor to the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

This is a national, standardised document that records a student’s academic work, prizes and co-curricular activities which include work placements, study abroad and volunteering.

The Transcript does not replace a CV, degree certificate or any other existing form of documentation, but instead complements these to offer a more rounded and richer picture of students’ achievements at university to support the recruitment process.  There are numerous employability initiatives recognised on the Transcript, namely:

  • Santander SME Placements and Internships
  • STAR Award
  • Leadership Academy
  • Aberdeen Internships
  • Career Mentoring
  • Saltire Foundation Summer Placements
  • Careers Service locally sourced and monitored placements
  • BP Student Tutoring

What are the benefits to employers?

The Enhanced Transcript is designed to give you an improved and more detailed overview of applicants’ performance during their time at the University of Aberdeen.

It emphasises their continuous learning outside the curriculum and their professional development.  It is intended to help you identify their relevant skills and attributes, as well as offering a good starting point for an interview discussion.

The Enhanced Transcript also helps students to prepare more effective and relevant employer applications, thus acting as an aid to selection in graduate recruitment.

Take a look at the student FAQs for more information.

The Association of Graduate Recruiters

agrThe Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) has produced an employer’s guide to the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) titled: HEAR the whole story. Your Higher Education Achievement Report Toolkit, which highlights common misconceptions about the HEAR, as well as reasons for use.