Summer placements provide an opportunity opportunity to recruit students during the period of the University of Aberdeen summer vacation, which in 2018 is 21st May until 31st August. Placements can vary in length, but are usually around 6-12 weeks duration (as determined by your requirements). 

Organisations are asked to provide an outline of the proposed placement using the Placement Registration Form, which allows us to target appropriate students for your vacancy.  After the agreed closing date, student applications will be passed to you for your consideration. Students should receive remuneration for the summer placement at a level not less than the National Minimum Wage.

Summer placements do not normally contribute to the student’s academic award, but provide students with relevant, contemporary work experience, aiding their transition to post study employment. In recognition of the skills that are achieved whilst undertaking a placement, and upon successful completion of a qualifying placement, students will have their achievement recorded on their Enhanced Transcript (ET). This is a national, standardised document that records a student’s academic work, prizes and co-curricular activities, which include Santander SME Internships. Please read full details here.