Offering placements to students is a great way to help them develop the types of skills that are needed in the workplace. Equally you will benefit from the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm that our students will bring to your own organisation. There are various different types of placement that you can offer.

Summer Placements

This type of placement can vary in length but they usually last for 6-12 weeks. Organisations are asked to provide an outline of the proposed placement using the Placement Registration Form, which allows us to target appropriate students for your vacancy. After the agreed closing date, student applications will be passed to you for your consideration. Students should receive remuneration for the summer placement at a level not less than the National Minimum Wage.

Summer placements do not normally contribute to the student’s academic award, but provide students with relevant, contemporary work experience, aiding their transition to post study employment. In recognition of the skills that are achieved whilst undertaking a placement, and upon successful completion of a qualifying placement, students will have their achievement recorded on their Enhanced Transcript (ET).

Industrial Placements

Industrial placements last up to 12 months in duration, and can form part of a student’s final degree award. At the University of Aberdeen, the following Schools currently offer industrial placements:

  • School of Medical Sciences
  • School of Natural and Computing Sciences

In some cases, students from other subjects can take part in a 12 month placement, though this would not form part of the degree award. For further information, please email

Santander Internships

The University of Aberdeen Careers and Employability Service works in partnership with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), including start-up organisations, to help current students and recent graduates gain valuable workplace experience and skills through paid internships of up to 10 weeks in duration. Taking part in this initiative provides organisations with access to talented individuals, whilst receiving a significant contribution to salary costs.