Benefit from the expertise of salary-free postgraduate Masters students; support their learning and development through projects targeted to your organisation. Running over 12 weeks, the projects are an integral part of the students’ degree programme. They address real business needs within your organisation whilst also meeting the students’ academic requirements.

Typically a Masters student could:

  • Undertake a critical analysis
  • Conduct in-depth market research
  • Review products or processes
  • Aid in research and development
  • Develop technical solutions

How it works:

  • We invite you to propose a project; this can be a specific title or a general area which can be refined later. 
  • Projects usually start late May and should be achievable within a 12 week timeframe (including writing the final report).
  • Projects can be desk, field or lab based.
  • Students gain academic credit for their work and do not require a salary payment (however, discretionary payments and expenses are not uncommon).
  • Often the project will be supervised jointly by a member of your staff (main supervisor) and a member of staff from the relevant academic department

Further information:

Masters programmes across the University provide the opportunity for you to engage with students through WBPs, the links below provide further details. A full list of Masters programmes at the Unviersity of Aberdeen can be found in the postgraduate prospectus.

We are always happy to discuss your ideas and the programmes that you might like to work with. Please email the Careers Service for more information.