Micro-Internships are a further addition to our portfolio of placement opportunities.  Micro-Internships are short placements, with a maximum duration of 2 weeks, and allow students to complete a short, clearly defined project within your organisation.  There might be the possibility of funding for SMEs to put towards the total salary cost of 1 week or 2 week internships.      

Micro-Internships are available across all industries, and allow the completion of a specific professional or research project, within a minimum of 2 days and maximum of 10 working days.   Examples of the types of work undertaken during a micro-internship include:

  • Developing social media presence;
  • Reviewing communications, or an organisation’s website;
  • Undertaking short surveys;
  • Completing a short term research project.

A University of Aberdeen Micro-Internship allows companies and organisations to develop stronger links with the University and ensures your professional name is better known by students.  Your Intern can complete a specific, short term project at a pre agreed cost, while providing a fresh insight and new perspective to the proposed work. If you are a SME organisation, there is the possibility of funding towards the total salary costs, please email us in the first instance to discuss further.

As your first step, please complete the micro-internship registration form.


Rhona Gibson, Work Placement Officer & Careers Adviser, 01224 273601


The University of Aberdeen is grateful to Dr Fiona Whitehead, University of Oxford, and the University of Copenhagen, for inspiring this initiative.