Rebecca, a 4th Year English Literature and History student took part in the Career Mentoring Programme in 2015/2016. Rebecca was matched with Helen, a Communications Assistant with the European Parliament, and here’s her story...

Career Mentoring Programme Participant Rebecca LindsayRebecca….

“Visiting my mentor in her office was a highlight of the Career Mentoring Programme, as I found that the working environment suited my personality and made me realise how truly fortunate I was to have a mentor working in the European Parliament.
I had applied to Programme as I wanted to gain a real insight into the world of work, and use the knowledge of my mentor to decide between two career paths for myself. I was torn between pursuing a career in the civil service and pursuing a career in journalism. I am passionate about human rights, and I was not sure which career path would supply me with a better chance to make a difference, in the long term.
My mentor provided me with a brilliant insight into how civil service or government-type jobs work. Following her information, I now know that I definitely want a career in her line of work, rather than journalism.
I feel like the Programme has greatly improved my employability, as now I have an understanding of what the work environment is like in my future career, and what are the best skills to emphasise in applications.
If somebody was considering applying for this Programme, I would say, go for it! Networking with somebody in your future line of work and using their experiences to shape how you aim for similar careers, is an invaluable opportunity.""

Career Mentoring Programme Mentor Helen RossHelen….

“I graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2013 and I remember very well feeling unsure about how step into the professional world, so I was delighted to have the opportunity participate in the mentor programme. I was able to share my experiences of moving abroad for work, the challenges and opportunities of living and working in a multicultural environment and my views on language learning. More specifically, I was able to provide concrete information on the various paths that could lead to a career in the European Institutions, particularly in the European Parliament, where I currently work. I got along very well with Rebecca, a very bright student, with an excellent CV, which already contained many transferable skills that would interest many potential employers. I wish her all the best in her future career - I'm certain that it will be a very interesting one!