The Career Mentoring Programme gives you, as a working professional, an opportunity to offer support to current students in developing their career ideas.

As a mentor you offer a student the benefit of your own experience in a particular profession or employment area, giving them an insight into the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed.

There are five streams that are available to graduates as part of the Career Mentoring Programme:

In recognition of the skills that are achieved through the Career Mentoring Programme students can have their achievement recorded on their Enhanced Transcript (ET), a national, standardised document that records a student’s academic work, prizes and co-curricular activities.

"This programme highlights the importance of actual, extensive experience to the student and reminds the mentor of the difficulties students face in securing a suitable career. It is not failsafe but it is a very rewarding way to enhance the employability of the student."

D Neil Macpherson, Chief Executive Officer, Rettig ICC