Ian Carry, IC Executive Coaching

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Tell us about yourself

I am an independent executive coach. For my pro bono projects, I focus on individual and team coaching and leadership programmes in schools, universities and business schools in the UK together with social impact projects across the Commonwealth. I have acted as a career mentor at the University of Aberdeen for four years and enjoyed the experience.

Why did you get involved with the Leadership Academy?

I was asked to participate in the initial research meeting to identify common skills that employers would seek in graduates.  Following a degree programme can be a solitary exercise and employers famously ask questions about the candidates experience of teams. I invite students to be inspired to learn more through teamwork projects on and off campus, in the community or internationally.

What are some of the benefits to taking part?

I would recommend that employers get involved with Leadership Academy for two reasons. Firstly, graduate programmes need to evolve in step with both the demands of the organisation and the abilities and work readiness of students. Participating in LA as an employer will provide valuable insights into the current thinking for the years ahead. Secondly, employers can bring contemporary practice and an external perspective which is critical for students. The employers may put forward younger members of staff who can act as role models for the students and benefit from the interactions.

Tell us a bit more about your workshop

I decided to run the competition for LA students as I am interested in the transition of their learning from coaching, mentoring and workshops and how it is sustained in their projects. I ran a teamwork session at LA and thought I might draw on my experience as a coach to follow through for those students who wished to seek support. The competition format invited the students to focus on life after LA and to articulate their coaching needs. The winners set out a clear vision as leaders and I aligned with that vision.