Hannah Dewar, Senior Graduate Recruitment and Events Consultant, FDM Group

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Why did you get involved with the STAR Award?

The STAR Award was highly recommended to me by a colleague who had participated as an employer in previous years. As the University Partnerships Liaison for Scotland I originally got involved to strengthen our relationship with the University of Aberdeen, raise brand our awareness and to promote our Graduate and Internship opportunities on campus.

What are the benefits of the STAR Award to you?

The benefits of taking part in the STAR Award have been immense. In Scotland alone we aim to recruit over 200 high quality graduates per year, all of the students that I met whilst taking part in a number of STAR Award initiatives were of an extremely high calibre. We have since attracted a number of these students/graduates to apply for our various opportunities.

The STAR Award is an excellent opportunity for students to gain invaluable skills but more importantly to reflect on these skills as they progress both personally and professionally. It is vital for candidates to be able to demonstrate and evidence theses skills throughout our recruitment process in order to be successful. Being able to give our employer perspective therefore benefits both us, in preparing candidates for our recruitment processes, and the student in their development.