Jessica Middleton, HR Advisor, AAB

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Why did you get involved with the Leadership Academy?

AAB are always seeking ways in which we can expand upon our involvement with the University and the Leadership Academy seemed the perfect opportunity for us to share our experience and knowledge of leadership from a number of contexts both working with clients and within our own organisation.   

What are the benefits of the Leadership Academy to you?

The Leadership Academy gives us the opportunity to build relationships with students at the University and have involvement in developing our graduates of the future, equipping them with the skills they will need for the world of work.  It also allows us to promote the breadth of fantastic opportunities available in a career in accountancy.  

Would you recommend other employers to get involved with the Leadership Academy?

Without a doubt, we would recommend getting involved with the Leadership Academy.  It is a very valuable experience to share the knowledge you have gained throughout your career and know that you’re impacting our future generations.  This is important to us all at AAB and fits with our values, allowing us to ‘give something back’ through our staff volunteering programme.