About the technology

Vaccination is necessary to protect farmed fish. Oral vaccines have largely failed due to poor immune responses.  A limited number of immersion vaccines have been developed but the immune response remains poor. Therefore commercially important diseases are tackled using multi antigen injections requiring additional adjuvants to drive an immune response.  Aberdeen researchers have developed an approach which using immersion to deliver injection level performance. The technology uses a fusion protein where a translocation sequence is attached to an antigen.  No adjuvant is required.  Proof of principal data exists from rainbow trout. Strong immune responses have been observed. The translocation sequence is based on part of the SpHtp1 effector protein from the pathogenic Oomycete Saprolegnia parasitica. A patent application has been filed covering the composition and method of administration. The University is keen to speak to parties interested in licensing the technology and explore working collaboratively with partners.

Applications and benefits


  • No injection required
  • No Adjuvant required
  • Strong immune response generated
  • Any polypeptides can be used as antigens


  • Fish vaccination
  • Other animal vaccination
  • Maybe suitable for human use

A patent application has been filed and is in the international stage (PCT filed May 2014)

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