Funded by Aberdeen City Council through a grant from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, ABVenture Zone at the University of Aberdeen supports growing businesses and encourage entrepreneurs to develop new products and services.

Further information about ABVenture Zone including details of its occupants may be found on the ABVenture Zone web site.

Located in the MacRobert Building, ABVenture Zone is an incubation space for new start up and spin out companies but is also a comfortable, collaborative working space with state of the art equipment.

Further information on ABVenture Zone:

What is it?

  • a technology-rich space for entrepreneurs to develop ideas
  • a hothouse for new ideas in e-business and digital innovation
  • a place to network with like-minded individuals
  • a collaborative working space that can be configured to meet a range of requirements
  • a place for entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground

 What it contains:

  • state of the art collaboration and communication technology
  • a comfortable social space for relaxation and stimulating discussion
  • high quality digital infrastructure offering a number of powerful computing resources
  • access to industry standard software applications
  • specialist Business and IT support
  • spaces for formal and informal meetings

 What is it for?

  • working on a business idea
  • starting a business
  • meeting fellow entrepreneurs and building a business network
  • idea generation
  • collaboration

 Who will be interested?

  • Anyone with a business idea
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Innovators
  • Students and staff who want to explore a business idea