University of Aberdeen OGIC Projects

Read case studies of some of our OGIC funded projects:


Blue Gentoo: Intelligent Hydrate Platform

The University of Aberdeen are developing and implementing Artificial Intelligence technologies for use within industrial-quality software to provide a suite of management functionalities.  This will allow iHP to learn effective human and computer-devised injection strategies for hydrate prevention, reusing them in the appropriate circumstances and providing a detailed justification of the adopted strategy.


WFS Technologies: Online Monitoring System

A joint technology project to design and build the world’s first ExtremeEdge OLM (On-line Monitoring) system for offshore subsea and platform structures.


Rawwater Engineering: Creep behaviour of novel alloys for well plugging and abandonment

The project has allowed Rawwater to establish essential creep parameters of the metal plug alloy, such as activation energy, creep rate, strain rate sensitivity and material creep constant.  These results now serve as input data for Rawwater’s reliability and long-term performance modelling of the various plug designs.


RAB Microfluidics: Productising microfluidic technology

The project enabled RAB-Microfluidics to develop its first prototype instrument for technology demonstration purposes, and for laboratory based measurements. The ‘Lab-On-A-Chip’ technology has the ability to perform oil conditioning monitoring (OCM) 1,000 times faster than current techniques