The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) scheme is available to support UK businesses wishing to access the knowledge and expertise within UK Universities in order to improve some aspect of their business.

Further information is available on the national Knowledge Transfer Partnerships web site.

North of Scotland KTP Centre

The University of Aberdeen has participated in 48 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) since the establishment of the North of Scotland KTP Centre in 1996.

The North of Scotland KTP Centre is a joint venture with the Robert Gordon University and is tasked with establishing collaborative projects between academia and industry in order to support the development of new products, process and markets. Recent projects have included the development of fish vaccines, a cable-based sensor system, novel structural and sealing components, and validation of human cancer tumour markers and the development of a new generation of novel antibiotics.

Working with the University of Aberdeen

Businesses interested in working with the University of Aberdeen under the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships scheme are advised to contact the North of Scotland KTP Centre

Case Studies

Aberdeen Harbour Board

Aberdeen Harbour Board (AHB) is an independent body responsible for the administration, maintenance and development of one of the UK’s busiest Trust Ports. This Knowledge Transfer Partnership was set up to develop the port’s environmental management activity into a high quality digital environmental management system (EMS) that can respond effectively to changing legislative demands and a diverse range of operational activities. This case study demonstrates the benefits to AHB and to the University.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

This Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project involved a successful collaboration between the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) and the University of Aberdeen. The aim was to develop research activity at the Wildlife Centre and aid its dissemination using new information routes. In addition, the KTP project was to strengthen research activities, conservation and policy development, and fundraising and campaign activities. Read more about the project in the case study.

Sea Fish Industry Authority

The aim of this Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) was to enable the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish) to help industry prevent the loss of fish stock and improve the success rate of marine projects. By conducting research into immunology, the marine fish industry would then be able to develop effective fish vaccination techniques to protect and create stronger fish stocks, reducing financial losses and improving profitability.  The case study provides more information on the project.