In an attempt to give Education students the opportunity to develop skills relevant to teaching, while testing if simple and doable whole school projects undertaken outside was an idea that could be replicated, Creative Star Learning Company (CSLC) offered two Level 2 students a paid internship to work collaboratively on a whole school literacy project, “Word Play Ground”, with a large primary school in Aberdeen. The project was completed between January and March 2013 and involved simple literacy activities with an outdoor element, helping children to learn about artists, poets, writers and other creative thinkers and doers who are Scottish or who have a connection with Scotland.

The “Word Play Ground” event took place on March 6 2013 and was filmed with equipment provided by the company. The classes organised the setup, visit and removal of their activities, while parents and other visitors were invited to attend. The resulting film material was edited to a two-minute video clip, shared with the school and uploaded on YouTube to share ideas more widely; its content was as well made into a simple booklet of ideas to freely share as a resource via TES forum, CSLC websites, etc.

Donald S. Gray, from the School of Education, provided additional support at planning meetings, recording the event and gathering feedback by interview from teachers, children and the interns. Initial impressions were very positive with the view that the student intern scheme is a valuable opportunity both for the students and also to provide support for the teachers and children in the school. In addition to the views about the internship scheme, the interviews and a questionnaire feedback also provide information to take into consideration in future continuous professional development (CPD) events for teachers aimed at outdoor learning.

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