The Enterprising Researchers initiative aims to promote business growth and innovation by facilitating short-term collaborations between local enterprises and academic researchers. Businesses from all sectors and of all sizes are invited to host researchers for a 2-3 week salary-free project. 

These collaborations are designed to:

  • Offer businesses the opportunity to address specific needs and overcome challenges with assistance from highly skilled researchers. 
  • Offer researchers the opportunity to put their research skills into professional practice, solving real world problems and contributing towards a company's growth.

Researchers are a new type of asset for any company interested in developing. Amongst their many transferable skills are: analytical and critical thinking, creative problem-solving, innovation, leadership and project management.

"These skilled researchers are far more capable and creative in finding answers to questions than I had imagined. We were very impressed by the quality of information we received and how it was presented to us. This was clearly professional research, not just a small project." 

Martin Simpson, Deeside Water 

Within the Enterprising Researchers programme, businesses are supported through the process of designing an independent project for a researcher, or small team of researchers, from the University of Aberdeen. These projects can be used to fill a gap in any area of need (internationalisation, development of new markets, product development, rebranding, etc.) Researchers then spend 2-3 weeks (or part-time equivalent) working within the business to manage and deliver their project.

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