Alabi was among the first researchers to take part in the Enterprising Researchers initiative. As a doctoral researcher in petroleum sciences, he was eager to gain professional experience beyond academia. Inspired by this opportunity to be involved in business growth and innovation, Alabi has gone on to start his own enterprise, based on his PhD research. 


What prompted you to join the Enterprising Researchers initiative?

I joined the Enterprising Researchers scheme to expand my network, and I felt it would be good experience for my CV.

What did your collaborative project entail?

The industry partner I worked with sought to increase revenue by expanding their product line beyond their core offering. After learning about the business and product, I found innovative applications for their product outside their core market segment by taking full advantage of the product properties, calling on experience and skill from my time in research.

What do you feel you have gained from the experience?

I expanded my network and put the experience on my CV. The collaboration, albeit short, also gave me an insight into managing a business from a place of innovation to ensure continued growth.

What do you feel your host business has gained from the experience?

My projec helped to demonstrate that there are more revenue generating applications for their product, and hopefully this has increased their revenue. Additionally, they have experienced the benefit of collaborating with academics who have a fresh perspective and can think outside the box.

What would your advice be to others considering joining the Enterprising Researchers initiative?

The scheme does two things for a researcher: 1) offers you useful industry contact, 2) by applying your research knowledge in areas you might not necessarily be familiar with, you gain adaptability which is crucial in a non-academic setting.


For more information about the Enterprising Researchers initiative, email or call 01224 272446.