Martin Simpson hosted two doctoral researchers from the University of Aberdeen to undertake new research projects in his business, Deeside Water. His experience highlights the role that researchers can play in advancing business growth and innovation. 

What prompted you to join the Enterprising Researchers initiative?

We had a need for research, but were not able to do it ourselves and could not afford an expensive agency, so this project seemed to be the perfect solution.

What did your collaborative project entail?

We had a requirement for specific research into certain subject areas and the researchers were able to investigate this thoroughly and produce reports to provide the answers we required.

What do you feel your business has gained from the initiative?

We received useful reports which highlighted the answers to the things we wanted to know.  It was quick and easy.

What do you feel the researcher has gained from the initiative?

They were able to put their research skills into practice in a business situation where their input was vital for how we chose to proceed.

What do you feel you have learned about the skills of doctoral researchers through this initiative?

These skilled researchers are far more capable and creative in finding answers to questions than I had imagined.  We were very impressed by the quality of information we received and how it was presented to us.  This was clearly professional research, not just a small project.

What would your advice be to others considering joining the Enterprising Researchers initiative?

Our experience was very positive and I would encourage others who may have a need for research to find out more.


For more information about the Enterprising Researchers initiative, email or call 01224 272446.