Equibuddy Exchange is the first ever cloud based on-line data harvesting management and social network tool conceived for horse owners and managers. First created by Equibuddy, a charity within the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), to meet an existing need in the RDA, the service has now much wider and larger ambition. A mobile app of the service (available in October 2013) proves the interest received from other parties about this idea.

The web tool was the result of a Sporting Chance Initiative STAR grant in 2011 after initial facilitation by Interface. Dr Bruce Scharlau, lecturer from the University of Aberdeen Department of Computing Science and creator and manager of the Aberdeen’s Software Factory (ASF), supervised a group of four master students who worked in close collaboration with the Equibuddy team to convert data held on a single computer platform into a web-based database application, with a user-friendly interface to allow data input and generate, as an output, a characteristics profile about each horse in the Equibuddy stable.

The website application of the project has had a very positive impact, and has enabled Equibuddy to successfully launch the Equibuddy Exchange service, which licences from Equibuddy the IP of the project. It will generate an income flow for the charity by becoming a fee-paying membership when the user database reaches sufficient mass and diversity. The tool is now usable by computer and mobile devices from office to paddock so that users can enter or access data anywhere, even off-line, making it ideal for maintaining horse health and management records at the time it is required. With the success of this project it should come to no surprise that Equibuddy is very satisfied with the result of this collaboration with the ASF and the students.

For Dr Scharlau and the ASF, the lessons learned with this project have been valuable in the wider student learning experience: as a way of stretching their learning and an opportunity to put what they had been studying to practice. Most of the team went on to secure jobs relatively easily after graduation as their self-confidence grew during the project. This supports the way the ASF runs its projects through best practice and formulas that have been tested since 2009.

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