Folio 115r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Invocation and prayer, Diva virgo, continued.

The author asks that he may see the Virginís face before his soul leaves his body; that she may forever intercede on his behalf and help him, when his soul enters heaven and at the day of judgement.

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dere gloriosam sanctam faciem tuam ante exitum\ anime mee de corpore meo et sis michi perpetua in\tuentrix [interventrix] in omnibus auxiliatrix et ingressu anime\ mee et in die tremendi iudicii. O clemens,\ o pia, o dulcis Maria.


Prayer, Omnipotens sempiterne deus qui dilecti.

A prayer to God, who honoured the mother of his son with these names, asking that by her prayers and merit we may share in eternal bliss.

Omnipotens sempiterne deus qui dilecti\ filii tui matrem per hec sancta nomina\ ex spiritu sancto sibi imposita honorare\ voluisti, tribue quesumus ut eius meritis et pre\cibus eterne beatudinis sumus [simus] participes. Per Christum.\

Introduction to the litany, Missus est angelus.

The Virgin Mary taught this prayer to a monk named Arnaldus. Whoever says it with the utmost devotion on a Saturday will see her five times before the end of his life. On the first occasion, he will see her as she was when she was greeted by the angel; on the second, as she was when she was with child; on the third, as she was when she saw her son suffer for the redemption of mankind;...

Quicumque hanc oracionem cum intima\ devocione dixerit quolibet die Sabbati quam beatissima virgo Maria\ docuit quemdam religiosum virum nomine Ar\naldum, videbit eandem virginem quinquies ante\ finem vite sue diversis modis et figuris prima\ vice videbit eam in eadem forma et figura in\ qua fuit quando salutata fuerat ab angelo.\ Secunda vice in illa forma qua iacuit in puer\perio. Tercia vice in ea tristicia in qua fuit quando\ filius suus pateretur pro salute hominum. Quar\

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