Folio 109v

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Ave virgo virginum, continued.

... reborn in death, may at the end of the world be found worthy of their love and reign with her. He asks that she and all the holy virgins, and the Holy Spirit, who reigns eternally, may bring us consolation.

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funere renati,
supplicamus seduli
sancte trinitati,\
ut in fine seculi
simus ei grati,
et regnemus sin\guli
tecum coronati. Amen

et hoc celica
da\ nobis solamen,
et sanctum similiter
pium conforta\men,
omnes sancte virgines
sanctum quoque flamen\
quod regnat per secula
seculorum. Amen\

Hymn, Quam leta quoniam exultas.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary. The author invokes her happiness as, hearing the angel's greeting, she brought joy to the world, and when she gave birth, holding in her arms the word made flesh. Later she saw her son nailed upon the cross; but he transformed her grief to happiness by his resurrection on the third day. In the refrain, the author asks that she may respond to his praise by surrounding him with joy when he becomes a prisoner of the first death, and that when awakened by the trumpet and presented before the judge, he may enjoy the glory of heaven.

Quam leta quoniam exultas
novum ave dum ascultas
mundo ferens\ gaudium.

Peto mater per hunc\ plausum
me supprimo [sub primo] fine clausum
circum\des leticia.
Horumque tuba suscitatum
discusso\ri presentatum
iube frui gloria,

Pater noster.\

Ave Maria.

In conceptu valde leta,
et in par\tu es repleta
gaudio mirabili.
Cum conplex\um tenens natum
quem sis verbum incarna\tum
modo ineffabili.

Peto mater, et cetera.

Pa\ter noster.


Sit complexum sit amatum\
tandem videns cruciatum
cruce clavis lan\cea.
Set convertit hunc merorem
pleni plau\sus in favorem
surgens die tercia.

Peto\ mater.

Pater noster.


Post solamen [electorum]\

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