Folio 87r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Ave virgo virginum stella matutina, continued.

... and at her breast Jesus Christ, who was wounded, beaten and crucified by the Jews. The author asks the Virgin, after this our exile, to show us Jesus, grant us her patronage, stretch out her hand to us and act in our defence when we are brought to judgement. He invokes her compassion, virginity, grace, humility and love. He invokes her as the queen of heaven, in whose womb, most fittingly, God was enclosed; as the jewel of the confessors, the object of the apostles' praise. She is sweeter than honey, a chaste dove, in whom there is no bitterness.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998

Et beata ubera ipsum lactaverunt,\
Cui Iudei vulnera dira intulerunt,\
Et eum post verbera cruci tradiderunt.\

Nobis post hoc exilium ostende.\

Nobis post hoc exilium benignum ostende,\
Ihesum tuum filium et nobis impende,\
Verum patrocinium et manum extende,\
Quando ad iudicium erimus defende.\

O clemens.\

O clemens clemencia summe bonitatis,\
Adonay filia flos virginitatis,\
Dei plena gracia fons humilitatis,\
Virginum leticia scala caritatis.\

O pia.\

O pia piissima regina celorum,\
Camera dignissima dei seculorum,\
Virgo prudentissima gemma confessorum,\
Atque iocundissima laus apostolorum.\

O dulcis.\

O dulcis dulcissima super favo melle,\
Columba castissima carens omni felle,\

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