Folio 71r

Devotions to the cross and passion of Jesus Christ, continued.

Prayer, Domine Ihesu Christe qui septem, continued.

... summoning him to feast, rejoice and dwell forever with the angels in Christ's realm.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998.

tuas consummari veni mecum ut sedeas cum ange\lis meis sanctis in regno meo epulari iocundari\ et commorari per infinita seculorum secula. Amen.\

Prayer, Deprecor te piissime domine.

A prayer to Jesus Christ. The author invokes Christ upon the cross: his soul sorrowful, his bearing doleful, his heart pierced, his body beaten, his wounds bloody, his hands outstretched, his veins distended, his ears filled with noise, his voice hoarse, his face pale with the pallor of death, his eyes filled with tears, a groan issuing from his throat, longing to drink, the bitter taste of gall in his mouth, his head bowed, at the division of his sacred body and soul, from which sprang his living soul. He asks Christ, through his love, not to be displeased at the extent of his sins and, in his mercy, to grant him a good end to his life and a joyful resurrection.

Deprecor te piissime domine Ihesu Christe\ propter illam eximiam caritatem qua\ tu celestis rex pendebas in cruce cum dei\fica caritate, cum mestissima anima tristissimo\ gestu transfixo corde transverberato corpore sangui\neis vulneribus expansis manibus extensis venis\ clamoroso ore rauca voce pallida facie morta\li colore lacrimosis oculis gemebundo guttu\re scitibundis desideriis amaro gustu et fellis,\ inclinato capite divisione deifici corporis et anime\ origo viventis. In ea caritate deprecor te piissime\ domine Ihesu Christe fili Marie virginis propter illam\ sanctissimam amorem quo amorosum cor tuum vul\nerabatur ut sis michi placabilis super multi\tudinem peccatorum meorum bonum et sanctum finem vite mee\ necnon gloriosam letamque resurrexionem propter\ magnam misericordiam tuam michi tribuere digneris.\ Qui vivis et regnas deus per omnia secula seculorum\

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