Folio 18v

Commemorations of the saints, continued.

Saint John the Baptist

Hymn, Gaude Iohannes baptista.

A hymn commemorating St John the Baptist (AH, 29, p 107). He was sanctified before birth; he acted as the mouthpiece of God, demonstrating that Christ was not a false prophet; he interpreted the law; he gave up everything to strive as a true evangelist; he is the keeper of the treasury of holiness, outshining all others in virtue. By the prayers of John, his forerunner, Christ is entreated to deliver us from sin.

Burnet Psalt
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Gaude Iohannes baptista
qui in ma\ternali cista
sanctus extitisti.

Gau\de dei organista
qui non ut falsum\ sophista
Christum ostendisti.\

Gaude celestis iurista,
qui\ ut summi legis legista
fieri meruisti.

Gaude\ certis agonista
qui ut verus evvangelista,\
cuncta reliquisti.

Gaude sanctitatis sacrista,
qui\ super omnes in via ista
virtutibus effulsisti.

Te vi\ncis a sceleribus
solve Ihesu Christe
precursoris preci\

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