The Friends

A wide range of events is organised for members during the year including a series of evening lectures in the winter months, plants sales, excursions, garden walks and workshops.

Below are the three prize winning films from FCBG Film Competition 2015 that show the "feeling of the garden" by Erwan Elias, Bálint Danyi and Gregor Ksiazek. Enjoy three virtual visits!

Friends receive a quarterly newsletter.

If you are interested in helping to support and enhance the development of the Garden and would like to become a member of The Friends of the Cruickshank Botanic Garden please click here.

"Friends of the Cruickshank Botanic Garden" is a registered Scottish Charity. Reg No SC 004350. The charity was formed in 1982/3 to provide a forum for those interested in the well being of the Garden. It has three aims that can be summarised succinctly as friendship, fund-raising and learning. Download a copy of our latest annual report and financial statements.

The "Friends" celebrated 30 years with a buffet and tree planting on 30th May 2013.