The next major developments in the Garden came with the appointment of N.M Pritchard as Curator in 1964. Pritchard was a great plantsman and with successive Head Gardeners, Fred Sutherland and Bob Rutherford, was responsible for the design and planting of the current Garden over 15 years of University expansion and comparative affluence. A new entrance courtyard was created, with paving and peat beds, along with fine order beds (now unfortunately grassed over), and the arboretum was planted with native trees and cultivars along with exotic species of horticultural and forestry importance. In 1968 a bequest from the estate of Baillie James Mackie enabled over 250 tons of Old Red Sandstone to be imported to create a new rock and water garden.

The new rock garden in 1968 The same scene today

In 1976 the patio and dwarf walls on the south side of the old red brick wall were built and make a popular suntrap, with benches around a fine collection of old stone troughs. Finally, in 1980 the rose garden was created, using monies from the Lautit Bequest and the Stanley Smith Foundation.