Study team

Dr Roy Soiza Consultant Geriatrician

Professor Alison Murray Neuroradiologist

Professor Geraldine McNeill Professor of Public Health Nutrition

Professor Louise Phillips Psychologist

Dr Leone Craig Research Fellow in Public Health Nutrition

Professor Paul Haggarty Life-long Health Theme Leader, Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health

Dr Roger Staff Clinical Scientist, Image Analysis

Dr Chris McNeil Research Fellow, Biomedical Imaging

Dr Anca Sandu-Giuraniuc Research Fellow, Biomedical Imaging

Dr Leela Narayanan Clinical Research Fellow, Biomedical Imaging

Dr Gordon Waiter and Dr Trevor Ahearn, Lecturers in MR Physics, Image Analysis

Mrs Dawn Younie, Secretary, arranges MRI appointments

Mrs Teresa Morris, ABC administrator, financial management of grants

Ms Dorota Chapko, PhD student