Bird sound sites from around the world

Forums and groups

An excellent worldwide forum for people interested in birds and birding.

Birdforum sound recording
A forum about bird sound recording and equipment.

Nature recordists Yahoo group
Nature recordists Yahoo group.

The Wildlife Sound Recording Society homepage
With lots of useful information.

An ambitious and exciting project
The ethno-ornithology web group

The UK's leading bird research organisation.
Dario Martinelli's site about the music of animal sounds
The Animal Behaviour Farm, where Meredith West and Andrew King research bird sounds and social behaviour

Bird sounds online
An incredible library of bird sounds from tropical America, Africa and Asia
An online encyclopaedia of birds that includes lots of bird sound recordings and descriptions.

The British library sound archive online

A site with a wide range of European bird recordings

An excellent Finnish site with lots of European bird recordings

This Dutch site has a wide selection of recordings of some rarer European species

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology sound and video catalogue
A short American radio programme that often focusses on bird sounds
The RSPB's guide to British birds

A nature reserve in southeast Brazil where some of the research for this project will take place.

Homepage of the group on the cutting edge of bird sound identification.
A very useful voice and bird sound recorder that can be fitted to binoculars.
Telinga parabolic microphones.

Raven sound analysis software from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Syrinx sound analysis software, which is free to download

A useful website for various bird sound products


Hear the music of a wonderful musician influenced by birds

My own day-to-day birding thread.
Blog from northeast Scotland.
Blog from northeast Scotland with a focus on Crossbills.
Julian Treasure's sound business
John Riutta's blog from Oregon
Amila Salgado's blog from Sri Lanka
The site of author, musician and philosopher David Rothenberg
Canadian composer and musicologist Emily Doolittle's site
The site of ethnomusicologist, biologist and composer Ann Warde
Artist and musician Hanna Tuulikki's site, with some interesting bird sound pieces


Arctic Tern by Nigel Blake

Corncrake by Nigel Blake

Herring Gull by ''

Nightingale by Nigel Blake

Nightingale by Nigel Blake

Pinkfooted Geese by Annette Cutts

Sedge Warbler by Nigel Pye

Song Thrush by Nigel Pye

Wren by Kit Day