Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre promotes Biodiversity and Environmental topics to the local community at various events throughout the year, and works with many different partners across the North East of Scotland.

 doors open day

Our next upcoming event is Saturday 9th September, 10 - 4pm, when we will open our doors as part of Aberdeen City Doors Open Day.  This is a fabulous opportunity to visit us outwith our normal opening hours, and find out more about what happens here in the Zoology Building.

This year we are delighted to open up one of the Zoology teaching laboratories, and will have research scientists from the School of Biological Sciences showcasing their work.  This will include invasive species, bloodsucking insects, disease transmission and tropical rainforests.

In addition to this, Professor Adam Price will take visitors on a short tour of the rice research greenhouse to show the public the current experiments. This is a very unique opportunity, and this greenhouse is considered the most northerly rice field in the world!  Professor Price has been working in rice research for 26 years, and now focusses on the genetics of sustainable rice production (how you can grow it with less resources) and on reducing the accumulation of potential toxic elements like arsenic into the grain. Tours will leave from the Zoology teaching lab at 11, 12 and 1pm.   

adam price

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