MacDonald, George

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MacDonald, George

Scotland’s Forgotten Treasure is a detailed study of the aesthetics and the religious vision of the fantasy works written by nineteenth-century Scottish novelist, George MacDonald. MacDonald’s Phantastes (1858) and Lilith (1895) are the origin of much modern fantasy writing, and Colin Manlove brings to bear on MacDonald’s major achievements decades of study in fantasy literature to unlock the structures that govern MacDonald’s imagination and the relevance of his works to contemporary religious and scientific thought.

Manlove reveals in MacDonald’s works a depth and complexity that establishes them as among the the most original works of nineteenth-century literature, and a treasure that should be the centrepiece of any account of nineteenth-century Scottish fiction. 


1: MacDonald’s life and character

2: MacDonald’s views, literary and theological

3: Before MacDonald

4: Phantastes (1858)

5: ‘The Golden Key’ (1867)

6: Lilith (1895)

7: Conclusion