Professor Angelo Forte (1949–2012) held the Chair of Commercial Law at the University of Aberdeen between 1993 and 2010. During that time, he made significant scholarly contributions to commercial law, Scots private law and legal history. As a commercial lawyer and a former solicitor, he was committed to the production of high quality research that could engage with the needs of business and commerce. He was also particularly interested in exploring the extent to which legal change had occurred as the result of purely practical considerations, such as alterations in commercial reality. In this regard he advanced our understanding of the infl uence of English law in eighteenthcentury Scotland. Latterly he also advanced our understanding of laws that seem to have been applied among some of the Gaelic-speaking peoples of Scotland almost a thousand years ago. His eclectic writings were highly esteemed both at home and abroad. His rigour as a scholar proved inspirational to several generations of students, and it also led to a wide range of international collaborations.
In Continuity, Change and Pragmatism in the Law, several of Angelo’s former students and colleagues seek to honour his memory by advancing lines of scholarly enquiry that he pursued. As indicated by the title of the book, a range of contributors reflect on the ways in which the purely practical or pragmatic concerns of lawyers can shape legal change. The ground covered in the book – ranging from medieval legal history to the reform of credit rating agencies – reflects the great eclecticism of Angelo’s own interests. It is hoped that this will form a fitting tribute to a great gentleman and scholar.