The 2014 Aberdeen Schools Asthma Survey

Asthma is a breathing condition which causes wheeze, cough and shortness of breath. Childhood asthma is now a common condition that is thought to affect more than a million children in the UK and many more world-wide. Before the 'asthma epidemic' in the 1980s and 1990s, asthma was a relatively uncommon condition.

One of the first studies to describe the prevalence of asthma took place in Aberdeen in 1964 and subsequent surveys in the same location have provided a unique insight into changing asthma prevalence in children. Prevalence in Aberdeen has been reflected in other studies in the UK and Western Europe. The Aberdeen Schools Asthma Surveys are a reliable 'meter' of asthma prevalence.

The 2014 Aberdeen Schools Asthma Survey has now been completed on the fiftieth anniversary of the first survey in 1964. This web site described the methods used and presents the results of 50 years of Aberdeen Schools Asthma Surveys.

We acknowledge funding from Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland for the 2014 survey and from the family of Blanche Dawson, who conducted the 1964 study.

Blanche Dawson’s children presenting a cheque for funds raised to support research into children’s respiratory illnesses to Dr Steve Turner.  Left to right Dr Robert Dawson, Dr Steve Turner, Elizabeth Dawson and Gillian Dawson