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Web sites of engineering interest

This page includes a list of links to web-sites with significant engineering interest. The list is for the convenience of members and others. We are not trying to duplicate such general metasites as the Engineering Virtual Library and hence are trying to keep the list relatively short.

Portals to Engineering

Genearal coverage portals seem to be going out of fashion, or perhaps on-line material is now so compendious that general search engines are the best option.

Try the US based guide to on-line US Engineering degrees for access to resources in this area; the Geotechnical Virtual Library is for geotechnical professionals.

Icademic is a portfolio site specialising in mechanical engineering with a leaning towards American links but with others too including UK engineering..

If what you want isn't here, use a SEARCH ENGINE LIST,which almost certainly contains search engines you haven't heard of. We recommend Google.

Professional bodies in the UK

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers I.Mech.E.; the Institution of Civil Engineers I.C.E.; The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), formerly the I.E.E.; The Institution of Structural Engineers I.Struct.E.; Institution of Chemical Engineers I.Chem.E.; The Royal Institution of Naval Archeticts RINA; The Institute of Marine Engineers I.Mar.Est; The Institute of Quality Assurance; The UK Materials Technology Research Institute UK-MATRI; Institute of Building Control I.B.C; The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment I.E.M.A.; The Institute of Physics IoP; The Engineering Professors Council EPC;

Professional bodies abroad

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE; The American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE; The American Institute of Motion Engineers AIME;The American Geological Institute AGI. The Project Management Institute PMI has useful references and material.

Members being seconded abroad these days, or just visiting, may be interested in local heritage societies such as Engineering Heritage Australia. E-mail us if you would like to add more links here.

Patent searches

The European Patent Office internet access Espacenet; US patent and trademarks office.

Standards organisations

The National Physical Laboratory NPL; The National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST; The International Organisation for Standardization ISO;

Useful Engineering sites

ICE's New Civil Engineering Magazine site is intended as a 'knowledge centre' for civil engineers. Hydraulics Research Walingford; Department of International Development DFID; The Transport Research Laboratory TRL; the Building Research Establishment BRE; the Standing Committee on Structural Safety SCOSS; Construction Education Connection;

Soil liquification from Washington University; the Bridge Site; Structurae an International Database and Gallery of Structures;

Knovel web pages are an extensive, searchable online collection of key technical references used by engineers and scientists. They also include an Engineering blog and case studies.

Intuit's on-line guide to project managment is a useful professional guide, though different organisations like to put their own emphasis on different project stages.

Environmental sites

Space Imaging; Earthscan; Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions DETR; US Environmental Protection Agency EPA; The coastal engineering page;

General interest

A site giving useful background on many engineering achievements of the 20th century has been put up by the National Academy of Engineering.

A detailed on-line guide to project management can be found on the website of Cornerstone.

Interest yourself or your family by visiting Discover E(ngineering).

In temporary employment? Check out or EPCjobs or Jobbydoo have a very wide range of jobs.

The site Engineering Fundamentals provides information about Materials, Processes, Formulae, Design, Mathemtaics, Constants and much more. Current engineering research supported by the National Science Foundation can be browsed in engineering research centre fact sheets. Engineers edge is a helpful design and resources site;

Travelling overseas? Note the Foreign Office web-site, the BBC World Service, Guidance for cultural and business etiquette. Also, see our other useful links page.

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