Chapters in the USA

Chapters in the USA

You are part of the alumni community wherever you are. Why not tap into shared experiences of fellow Aberdeen alumni by joining or forming an alumni chapter where you are. We currently have two chapters set-up in the USA, one in Boston and one in New York.

These are run by alumni volunteers in the area. In order to form a chapter, there needs to be at least two officers and the support of 15 founding members.

Information on how to connect with the two chapters is below.

New York

To become part of the New York Chapter, please email the chapter chair, Kirsten Hartil.

UOA New York Alumni Chapter


To become part of the Boston Chapter, please email one of the officers, Philippa Sprinz or Margaret O’Brien.

If you would be interested in setting up a chapter in your area, please take a look at our chapter handbook.

Members of the Boston alumni chapter have met for networking and social events at the Boston Public Library and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.